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BU Today feature: Quarantined BU Band Rocks “Shipping Up to Boston”

? This article was originally published in BU Today on July 1, 2020.? Early this week, the Twitter handle for BU Bands posted this question on social media: “We think it’s time to drop a new video of our quarantine BU Band! Which song do you want to hear first? Shipping Up to Boston; Runaway […]

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BU Today feature: Full Coverage of BU’s Day of Collective Engagement

BU Today?writers attended the all-day sessions Wednesday for the University’s?Day of Collective Engagement: Racism and Antiracism, Our Realities and Our Roles. Read updates, highlights, fascinating comments, and quotes and images from throughout the day, as they happened. The session titled “The Arts & Antiracist Practices” featured CFA Dean Harvey Young and Ty Furman of the […]


BU Today feature: Kirsten Greenidge Promoted to Associate Professor

This article was originally published on June 25, 2020. “Each year, these promotions and awards of tenure mark an especially proud moment for the BU community, as we’ve had the pleasure of watching these talented colleagues develop from promising junior faculty into teachers and scholars of national impact and recognition,” says Jean Morrison, BU provost […]

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BU Today feature: Father, Son/Teacher, Pupil

? This article was originally published on June 22, 2020. Video by?Devin Hahn. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck Boston, sending students home for remote learning for the remainder of the semester, most students had to forego face-to-face meetings with their professors and make do with Zoom. Not School of Music trumpet […]


Alum Valerie Coleman Debuts “Seven O’Clock Shout” with Philadelphia Orchestra

Originally published in The Philadelphia Tribune?on June 18, 2020. Written by?Rita Charleston For the second time in her illustrious career — a career highlighted by many awards and accolades — composer/flutist/teacher and Grammy-nominated Valerie Coleman has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra to premiere her “Seven O’Clock Shout.” Coleman’s first work to be commissioned by […]

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BU Tanglewood Institute: From the Director’s Desk | June 2020

This summer certainly looks different at Boston University Tanglewood Institute, but we’ve been working hard to find ways to help our students connect and grow over the coming months in spite of the fact that we cannot be together in person. We hope you will join us, too! We recently launched?The Vault, an online resource […]


BU Global Music Festival Receives National Endowment for the Arts Grant

Originally published on June 10, 2020 by BU Arts Initiative BU Global Music Festival to Receive $15,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts Boston University Arts Initiative announced?that an Art Works award of $15,000 from the?National Endowment for the Arts?has been given to?Boston University via the BU Arts Initiative?for the BU Global Music […]

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BU Today feature: Ibram X. Kendi, Leading Scholar of Racism, to Join BU and Launch BU Center for Antiracist Research

This article was originally published in BU Today on June 4, 2020. By Doug Most.? Ibram X. Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars and historians of racism, will join Boston University’s faculty on July 1 and launch the?BU Center for Antiracist?Research?, the University?announced?Thursday morning. A move that was almost a year in the making […]


2020 MA Art Education Thesis

  Now on view: 2020 MA Art Education Thesis Website Featuring the 2020 MA candidates in Art Education at Boston University. Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts is proud to present the virtual 2020 MA Art Education Thesis. Featuring student artwork, assignments, and teaching philosophies of 2020 MA Art Education candidates?Mojdeh […]

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